Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Enterprise?
A social enterprise is a not-for-profit business that aims to use the finances raised to maximise human wellbeing; as a social enterprise we grow organically. We are limited by guarantee which means the company has no shares and doesn’t pay dividends to stakeholders or Directors; the money instead gets reinvested into the organisation to help it further its purpose of increasing human wellbeing. This can make it difficult to receive capital investment, since we can’t offer a stake of the company in return for an investment. That’s why your business is so important to us.
Do you only employ people with disabilities?
No, we are open to employing all people from all areas of society; we do not discriminate on any grounds. We do employ people with disabilities but we support those people in teams that look out and care for those with specific needs otherwise they a treated the same as any other employee and are offered the same opportunities and benefits.
How do I make a booking?
Visit our contact page and get in touch with us today, we are more than happy to consult with you about your specific needs or project and how we can best help you.
How much will it cost?
That always depends on the specific project; we offer a wide range of services and each of those services has various levels, it’s not as easy as a “one price fits all” system. Reach out to us and we’ll have a one to one.
How do you accept payments?
Most of our clients pay electronically, either via the bank or a card payment; but we are open to working out a solution if this is not feasible for you.
What areas of the country do you operate in?
We cover the Sheffield City Region, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, but we can service other areas across the country. Reach out to us for more details on our coverage.
Do you provide regular maintenance services?
Yes, absolutely, this is a core part of our business. We provide regular maintenance services to a variety of customers. We can even offer affordable monthly service plans to help ensure you’re covered not only for those planned incidents but also for those unexpected problems which may arise from time to time. Visit our maintenance page for more information about the services we provide or reach out to us via our contact page.
Do you provide regular cleaning services?
Yes, we provide the full range of regular cleaning services to meet your needs across a variety of sectors and industries.
Do you do domestic cleaning?
Yes, domestic cleaning is one of our core disciplines so we provide a comprehensive domestic cleaning and housekeeping service. As well as domestic cleaning and housekeeping we can also provide oven cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning and ironing.
Do you bring your own supplies?
Yes we can, we are able to offer the full worry and hassle free service but again this can depend on your requirements, your budget and your preferences. We’re happy to talk you through this if you reach out to us.
Do your operatives have insurance?
We have extensive insurance. We have £10 million employee liability insurance and £5 million public liability insurance under written at Lloyds of London.