Commercial Cleaning in  Sheffield

S3e Ltd offers a full and comprehensive range of commercial cleaning Sheffield, both reactive and planned. So whether you need regular cleaning for your office, a looming deadline on a construction project, deep cleaning and sanitizing after an outbreak, emergency cleaning, decontamination, or a fast turnaround for a vacated rental property, we can provide you with the expert solution.

We firmly believe in the concept of ethical stewardship across all of our operations. This means that our clients are confident of fair, just, and equal treatment. It also means we will actively manage your customers and make regular service level visits and audits.

Offices and Communal

S3e Ltd has extensive experience with regular cleaning for office buildings, communal work areas, employee welfare areas, visitor waiting rooms, reception, toilets, etcetera. We offer the highest standards of office cleaning Sheffield you’d expect from a professional company. Such as S3e Ltd and can adapt to suit your needs. In addition to the general service, we are experts at deep cleaning, decontamination, sanitizing, pest control, floor/carpet cleaning, internal and external window cleaning, waste clearance, and so on.

Post Construction Builders and Sparkles

We understand the pressures often faced by large construction projects. The impact this might have on the delivery of deadlines. We know that often time is very much of the essence and the ability to deliver on time or as close to on time can avoid costly penalties for the primary contractor. S3e Ltd has a proven track record for the delivery of high standards of post-build cleans to very tight deadlines. With the ability to mobilize a large well paid and highly motivated workforce in a very short time span we are confident we can handle your project.

Education Establishments

We are very familiar with the unique challenges which can often face educational establishments and we have a wealth of experience in this sector. From the run of the mill cleaning, to the more intense deep clean and through to the full on 6-log sanitation required after an infectious outbreak. You can be confident in our operatives, they all undergo a full vetted clearance process, including DBS checks where required. We are a great choice to manage and maintain the cleanliness of your educational establishment and are able to meet the cleanliness standards necessary for learning environments.

Landlords and Lettings

Summer time often brings with it a mass exodus of people from temporary university accommodation, halls of residence and HMO’s, closely followed by an army of eager new intakes hot on their heals ready to move into what will become their new home during their student careers. Rest assured we know what we are doing when it comes to the end of tenancy cleanup; we can handle anything from clearance and decluttering, redecoration and restoration, cleaning and buffing so that the new intake are as happy with their new clean home as those who came before them were.

Hospitality, Leisure and Retail

Leisure can be a mucky affair because where people congregate so does the mess, dirt, and grime, it’s a fact of life. With over 20 years experience of facility management in the hospitality and leisure sector, we are well equipped to rise to the challenge of making sure your establishment is safe, clean, bright, and welcoming for all your guests, service users, and staff each time they visit. From gyms and sports facilities; bars, clubs and pubs; hotels, multipurpose sites, and multiplexes, we have seen what the busy life of a public space can produce and we’ve coped with it all; we know to always expected the unexpected.

Decontamination and Specialised

Sometimes cleaning, or even deep cleaning, just isn’t enough; sometimes it needs a little bit more, or quite a bit more. S3e Ltd has the skill set to deliver a robust cleaning process across a range of situations. Delivering to a high level with a good kill rate of colony-forming units requires knowledge, training, and experience. We will identify what process is needed, the equipment to use, and which, environmentally safe, products will be effective, returning the area to a safe environment for human occupancy. We are licensed for the collection and transportation of waste, and for the removal and transportation of offensive waste.

Medical and CQC

There are some places where cleanliness of the highest standard is a given all the time, every time. Effective cleaning isn’t always just a case of the removal of dust and cobwebs. There are layers of cleaning and processes to be followed to make sure the activity efficiently and effectively removes the surface grime and also tackles the unseen grime. This is why our own cleaning policies, methods, and procedures are closely aligned with and are drawn from the PAS 5748:2014 guidance. The Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual 2009, and The National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS.

Restricted access and vetted security areas

We know that confidentiality and security are key concerns for some clients and we have a rigorous and robust vetting process for all operatives and for those who might be asked to work in restricted spaces. We have another level incorporating background checks covering a wide range of connections, attributes, and characteristics. S3e Ltd can go further than the usual DBS checks if needed, peeling back another layer of vetted security clearance which is sometimes required. We are more than happy to talk with our clients about the levels of clearance they might require.

Comprehensive Range of Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean workplace is a happy workplace. Our exclusive range of services for commercial cleaning Sheffield is tailor-made, as the team undertakes collective action strategies to focus on employee well-being and improved work productivity. At S3e Limited, we aim to create healthier establishments, clean and disinfected commercial spaces and construction projects with our regular cleaning and expert solutions.  

Hygienic Workplace

We do in-depth and regular commercial cleaning in Sheffield like deep cleaning, sanitization of the door handles, knobs, table surfaces, and high touch surfaces.

Cleaning Team

Our skilled team members maintain reliability, consistency, and excellence while retaining the best services for commercial cleaning in Sheffield.