Maintenance & Repairs Services

All buildings need a general level of maintenance to keep functioning.

S3e Ltd provides a complete range of planned and reactive maintenance services to keep everything in safe, working order. Our operatives are fully trained and highly professional, providing high levels of satisfaction to our clients.

We have a team of people experienced in all fields of property maintenance and repair, from aerials to roofing, radiators to flooring and even down to drain inspection and repair using the latest technology.

All of our people go through a robust prequalification and recruitment process before they can work with us; for instance our heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered and must provide at least 2 years proof of on the job experience.

Planned Maintenance, Repair and Servicing – Commercial and Domestic

We provide regular testing, servicing and repairs; scheduling work well ahead of time to reduce the risk of surprise breakdowns or shabby looking premises.

We will share the schedules with you and let you know in plenty of time when your scheduled maintenance is due; we can even offer affordable service plans which not only include planned maintenance but also those unexpected and often expensive issues.

Telecoms and Converged I.T. Infrastructure – Maintenance, Repair and Servicing

Our industry experts can manage all areas of information, telecoms and IT infrastructure whether it’s the installation, commissioning, securing or decommissioning of systems to the servicing, upgrading and maintenance of the hardware, databases, networks and software, from a single unit up to multiple server arrays and even all the way through to the actual people using the systems.

Reactive Maintenance, Repair and Servicing – Commercial and Domestic

Even the most robust servicing schedule will not always prevent some things from going wrong, especially with buildings and infrastructure. But don’t fret because S3e Ltd are accustomed to reactive and emergency call out for those times when even the best laid plans have gone astray.