How To Return To Office Safely During Covid 19?

Covid 19 virus has brought about some irreversible changes in human life. However, with the introduction of vaccines, people are trying to return to their daily chores. Commercial workplaces are strategically planning the office spaces to ensure the utmost level of employee health safety as traces of the Covid 19 virus still exist. However, many workers are highly apprehensive about the decision of opening offices. 

Even the affected cases are decreasing; however, commercial spaces are inhabited by people of diverse backgrounds. Hence, the employees become exposed to different types of viruses and infections. Hence, the demand for commercial cleaning in Sheffield has increased manifoldly. 

Maintaining Office Safety Amidst Ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic

Cleaning High Touch Areas

High touch areas like a doorknob, switches, lift buttons, workstations, and phones are likely to spread the virus easily. Thus, most companies offering covid cleaning services in Sheffield are opting for continuous cleaning of these portions to prevent transmission. Although the companies are unable to operate in full force, maintaining hygiene is essential. 

Arranging Distance-Based Seating Process

Before the offices open, they have to change the seating arrangements to maintain a safe distance between different employees. Moreover, sick employees shouldn’t be allowed inside the office premises. To keep the chairs clean, separate chairs and workstations must be allowed to every employee, and the chairs should be covered with disposable plastics. Ask the commercial companies to throw off the plastics at the end of the day and put a new one for the next day. 

Maintain Proper Toilet Sanitisation

Proper toilet sanitisation is required to be maintained during Covi19. This includes putting up sanitisers at every corner of the office and toilet. Moreover, encourage the employees to wash their hands continuously with soaps. Keep a cleaning agent alert all day so that the office floors and the toilet seats are cleaned and sanitised throughout the day. 

Encouraging Mask Wear

Offices should make mask-wearing inside the office premises a compulsory gesture. It will help to restrict the transmission of the virus even if any affected employee works alongside you. A special air cleansing technology can be installed within the premises to clean off the air from time to time. 

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